Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Blessed Saint Mary

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Islamic movie based on Quraanic Verses and Traditions.

Award winning Persian/Farsi film on Saint Mary, Mother of Hazrat Essa (a.s) 'The Messiah', is now available in English. This 114 minutes Persian/Farsi film dubbed in English language revolves around the character of Janabe Maryam e Muqaddasa, till the birth of Isa (a.s) the awaited Messiah.

Based on Quraanic Version, this film is a beautiful representation of the whole life of Saint Mary. It also portrays the truth loving personalities like Hazrat Zakariya & Saint Mary against the Priest of the Solomon Temple who altered the Religion of God according to their own wishes , the Movie is a Divine Lesson from the Holy Quran.

This film is one way of presenting Islamic view about Mariam (a.s.) to non-Muslims.

Download :

P/s: Filem ini ciptaan Iran (Syiah), jadi pandai-pandailah menilai mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk.


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